Borgo Antico "Le Viole"

Telarolo di Castellarano (Reggio Emilia)

The Borgo Antico Le Viole, due to the complexity of its structure, is an ideal location to host wedding receptions. It presents in effect an articulation of the spaces that offer a number of places to be allocated to different convivial situations. The property can make arrangements which, depending on the needs of guests and weather conditions, different spaces either outside in the square of stones, in the courtyard around the fountain, in the park, or indoors in comfortable and refined rooms, characterized by columns and wooden trusses.

 It is possible to set up, both outdoors and indoors, regardless of any climatic condition, the appetizer buffet and cake cutting in environments other than lunch or dinner places, that allows married couples to make more personal and dynamic the reception.

 It is also possible to continue the party at the end of the banquet, and dance in the large and elegant music room, using the supplied audio system environments or taking advantage of the presence of a DJ.

Within the Borgo, there is not a fixed catering structure, but a kitchen efficiently equipped and organized to allow married couples to choose the catering service best suited to their needs, among those selected from the property over a multi-year collaboration. The Borgo Antico Le Viole also offers the opportunity to celebrate the rite of marriage with a religious ceremony in the valuable eighteenth-century chapel, in the countryside.

For the civil function you can set up a great room with roof truss and wall decorations.

The bride can also make use of a small apartment, where she should chose to dress up before the ceremony.

The structure of the Borgo is suitable to accommodate ceremonies and receptions of baptism, renewal of promises, anniversary, graduation and birthday parties.It also hosts events of solidarity and cultural events of various kinds, in particular concerts and shows. All rooms are equipped with heating and sound system for background music. Speakers are installed also outside, in the square of stones. The structure can set up inside and outside seating for a maximum of 180 people. For the entire duration of the event, the property offers a security guard responsible for the surveillance and security and cleaning toilets staff.For the guests it is reserved an ample lighted parking, with direct access to the Borgo Antico Le Viole.

Defibrillator AED

Defibrillator AED

A defibrillator is available in the common area.

Important Warnings

Use the defibrillator if a suspected victim of cardiac arrest has an evident circulation stop indicated by ALL the following symptoms: Loss of consciousness, Absence of normal breathing and Absence of pulse or signs of circulation.

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