Borgo Antico "Le Viole"

Telarolo di Castellarano (Reggio Emilia)



Quartetto Eos

Dear friends of Borgo Antico le Viole, it is with pleasure that we report a moment of music and culture that has seen us protagonists and that you can follow on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 19.45 on RAI 5 (channel 23).

The concert is part of the project "Musica da CAMERA CON VISTA", promoted by the association "Amici del Quartetto GUIDO ALBERTO BORCIANI", which proposes the sublime mix between chamber music and historical and naturalistic places. The episode of 6 June 2020, with the participation of the musicologist Giovanni Bietti and the Eos Quartet, was recorded at the Borgo Antico le Viole in Telarolo di Castellarano, a picturesque location of the Appennino Reggiano, where an ancient rural settlement is set in an enchanted landscape.


Saturday June 6 2020, at 19.45 on RAI 5 (channel 23)

The date has been moved due to problems in programming the RAI schedule




The Borgo Antico Le Viole is an architectural complex of great charm, rich of history and inserted in an environment of natural and landscape interest. It is a short distance from Reggio Emilia and Modena, in the green hills, in an enchanted place that evokes harmony and serenity. It is situated in the territory of Matilda, near the castles of Castellarano and San Valentino.




Recently renovated with great care and refinement, even in the smallest details, the Antico Borgo Le Viole is characterized by simplicity and elegance. The facility has a plurality of spaces outside and inside that allows dedicating specific settings for different situations, depending on the needs of guests and weather conditions.




Currently, the Borgo can accommodate ceremonies and wedding banquets, solidarity events, cultural events, conferences and concerts. The property is suitable for the organization of events during the entire day, both with natural daylight that highlights the beauty of the place and both with night lighting which creates a very evocative atmosphere.








Very rare specimen of Cisitalia 
driven by Tazio Nuvolari
(collection Righini
from the left in the


The car of pope Giovanni XXIII at the  beneficial evening of Apro Onlus del 24 giugno 2018 (collection Righini)



 Snowfall January 2019

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